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about ODWC

Celebrating over 80 years!

This organization was founded in 1938 by "the hearty pioneering females who had braved the rigors of year-round living in the dunes." This group came together to forge community by organizing friendly get-togethers. Today, our members gather for camaraderie, friendship, and community enrichment. We are mothers and daughters, business and community leaders, and women of diverse interests, talents, and backgrounds ---all united by a dedication to community improvement through volunteer service.

This group is for you if:


  • You are positive, open to meeting new people, and focused on bettering the lives of those around you

  • You support other women and would love to receive that same support in return

  • You have friends, but don’t always have someone with whom you can share your goals and vision

  • You understand there are different types and levels of friendship

  • You like to have fun, be uplifted, and encouraged

  • You are looking for opportunities to serve our community

  • You might not have much time to volunteer but still enjoy the companionship of other women

Meet The Team


Linda Dore


Penny Schlyer
Vice President

Fashionable Girl

Pat Maxwell

Barbara Schultz


For the last 80 years, our group has spent countless hours helping to bring positive change to our local community. 


112 Hillcrest, Ogden Dunes, IN 46368

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