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This organization was founded in 1938 by "the hearty pioneering females who had braved the rigors of year-round living in the dunes." This group came together to forge community by organizing friendly get-togethers. Today, our members gather for camaraderie, friendship, and community enrichment. We are mothers and daughters, business and community leaders, and women of diverse interests, talents, and backgrounds --- all united by a dedication to community improvement through volunteer service.

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“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."

- Coretta Scott King - 

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wine & appetizer night

City Winery riverwalk chicago

march 31

april 18

Up your alley

may 2

june 12

august 22

october 15

Festival in the park

Salad night

Fall dinner

november 7

craft fair

december 6

tree lighting ceremony

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115 Hillcrest, Ogden Dunes, IN 46268